Bond and Sponsorship

James Bond is getting a bit of a bad rap for the amount of things he sponsors nowadays. Perfume, beer, soft drinks – it’s a long way from cars, spirits and watches apparently.

Not that I care. I’ve been participating in the tie-in competitions that soft drinks sponsor Coca-Cola (through their Coke Zero brand) have been running (and which I only found out about through their Coke Zone because I’m drinking Caffeine Free Diet Coke (so I’m not even drinking the drink concerned!)). Anyway, it started with a simple one. Tweet a picture of you dressed as Bond to get two tickets to a VIP advance screening of Skyfall:

The next tasks needed a bit of speed. In the first, you had to follow a link Coke Zone tweeted and “decode” a code (unscramble the word). For this you won a PlayStation 3. They ran this one for about a week with the 2 or 3 fastest winning every day. Took me a bit of time but:

Following that you had to follow another tweeted link and work out which city a set of longitude and latitude coordinates matched up to. Again, it took me a little while to be quick enough but I was soon successful in winning James Bond’s phone, the Sony Xperia T:

Finally (so far anyway), you had to watch a video of a promo that Coke Zero ran in Antwerp and then, again following a tweeted link, answer a question about something in the video. This time I happened to be on the ball and won a PS Vita on the first day of the “assignment”:

The video is worth a watch as well as it’s pretty good:

So, the crux of the matter? As long as I keep winning, Bond can be sponsored by who he likes ;)

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