[Friday Map] Water Geomorphs

This week’s update is a bit later due to my printer/scanner dying! However, it has the added benefit of allowing me to, not-so-subtly, shift the date of the update to Friday. Why Friday? Well most maps seem to be blogged on Fridays (at least those that I follow) and I’m a sucker for following the crowd ;)

Again, as a follower of the crowd, this week’s maps are geomorphs are submissions to the latest Inkwell Ideas #GeomorphMapContest (the theme for which is water).

I’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out – and I’ve hopefully managed to avoid being too symmetrical.

Edit: In hindsight, I should have used a thinner pen/line to denote where the passages meet the water areas. At first glance it looks like there are walls between some of them and that shouldn’t be the case (at least, not in my head).

Water GeomorphsWater Geomorphs

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