[Tuesday Map] Snaking Passages

Another change. My mind is all a flutter with map ideas at the moment so I’m changing frequency to twice weekly! Yes, Tuesday and Friday will be maps. I do also intend on posting more non-map related material here but I’m a little busy with real world stuff!

Anyway, my map ideas are actually one particular map idea. That idea is that you take the different maps I’m putting out and can connect them together to make a larger map for your dungeon. Similar to geomorphs but on a slightly larger scale. None of the rooms or corridors will have anything specific marked out but I do have my own ideas as to what goes in them. For example, today’s map I think would be some sort of entrance to the dungeon with a spiral staircase in the far left chamber coming down (or up!). The passage then snakes around, past a couple of storage (?) areas before arriving at the first encounter area.

I hope you like it and will continue to follow this new series.

Snaking Passages

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