[Tuesday Map] The Skull Monument

This week’s map is taken from my upcoming Savage Worlds scenario, Escape from the Steel Tomb. The Skull Monument of the title being the very same that you can see in the building stages of the linked page.

As you can see from the map, the Skull Monument is in the middle (it’s the brown “blobs” ;)) with thick forests/jungle all around and a rope bridge across a ravine to the north-east. I started this map as a way of concentrating, in my own head, how I wanted the encounter to play out. Much will depend on the players as I tend to be fairly free-wheeling in that regard – a few plotted encounters here and there but mainly I let the players have their head, especially in scenarios such as this, where there are heavy plays on traditional pulp themes – high action, improbable escapes, etc.

Anyway, this map has done it’s job – the only thing I’m not too happy with is the colouring but that’s minor in the grand scheme of things. The actual scene as played at the table might not look the same come the day of Seven Hills, but the core concepts will be there. Now, back to making the centrepiece – the Skull Monument itself!

The Skull Monument - Escape from the Steel Tomb

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