#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 14: Favourite RPG Accessory

Favourite RPG AccessoryI’m a big fan of gamer bling so it comes as no surprise that I find it hard to choose between two of my favourites. So I won’t!

All Rolled Up

I got my first one of these when they first came out (a Star Wars themed one) and loved it. Since then, my son has got one of his own (with a Spiderman theme) and I’ve gotten two of the oilskin variants (that I’m proud to say I suggested). I’ve also recently picked up one of the Tiny All Rolled Up for my Traveller game (as it only needs a handful of d6).

Q-Workshop Metal Dwarven Dice

I first picked these up in their gray and black plastic format and loved the styling. So much so that when I got the opportunity to pick up some of the metal versions I jumped at the chance. I was also able to pick up some spare d6 and another full set thanks to some bargain hunting on eBay so I’ve got enough for every eventuality!

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