[Lost Mine of Phandelver] Sixth Session: Return to Tresander Manor

Having previously rescued Gundren Rockseeker, our heroes now had to escape from the castle ruins in one peace. Unfortunately, the remaining occupants of the castle had other ideas. Advancing on the group in waves were hobgoblins and goblins while even an owlbear appeared to harry them. A mixture of luck and teamwork ensured they survived though and they returned to Phandalin victorious!

Events in the town had moved on with the townsmaster having left for Neverwinter and Sildar Hallwinter occupying his office instead. Sildar was extremely happy to see the heroes return with Gundren but as they hadn’t cleared out the castle completely, could only provide them with half of the previously offered reward. He did tell them though that, should the return to the castle to finish the job, the rest of the reward would be forthcoming. Our heroes decided though that, at this stage in their adventuring career, that discretion was the better part of valour and, instead, decided to investigate Tresander Manor again following additional information they had received.

Back in the ruins of the Manor, our heroes attempted again to find a hidden door. After a couple of hours of searching they found one and moved further into the complex, coming across a large crevasse across the middle of a large cavern with a couple of wooden bridges across it. Moving along the side to investigate further, the party were ambushed by a strange creature that was hiding in the dark. Although surprise was on it’s side, our heroes swiftly dealt with it.

What else is to be found deeper in the complex though? Only further exploration will tell…

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