[Lost Mine of Phandelver] Preparation

My preparation for running the Lost Mine of Phandelver has taken a bit of a hit already. Yup, I’ve come down with “Man Flu“! Still, I’m soldiering on. On Monday I handed out copies of the D&D Basic Rules that I’d reduced down to digest size and had printed so that the players could take a look and see what they wanted to play. I also had the pre-generated characters from the box set as well as a bundle more from the Wizards of the Coast website. Of the players, only one has played before (she’s in my regular weekly group) but the others are all very keen. Indeed, it was fun to see them get all excited when I handed out the books and talking with each other about what character they were going to play. I think one of the guys went through every race and class combination before settling on his final choice!

I’m not guiding the players in character choice but have said that, if they don’t like the characters they create once we get to Phandalin, then they can create a new one (with the old character becoming an NPC or just disappearing). I think this will allow them the freedom to play what they like but also the give them the option to change if they want. Anyway, we have almost all of the party made up and it’s pretty eclectic…

Anthony: Elf Wizard (acolyte)
Chris: Dragonborn Sorcerer (sage)
Liam: Elf Sorcerer (noble)
Sam: Elf Ranger (outlander)
Siobhan: ?
Tom: Elf Paladin (noble)

As you can see, a lot of elves and plenty of arcane power, although Anthony is already talking about multi-classing to Wizard/Cleric. Not sure what Siobhan is thinking about playing but obviously a rogue or cleric would work well.

Man Flu willing, the first session will be tomorrow immediately after work. Only a couple of hours for each session but we should be able to get through the first encounter and a little bit of roleplaying in that time.

Fingers crossed… :)

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