[Lost Mine of Phandelver] Fourth Session: Tresander Manor

The shadow within the Sleeping Giant turned out to be the largest member of the Redbrands, twice as wide as he was tall and with tree trunks for arms, he cut a swathe through the party, his solid punches connecting painfully. However, he was badly outnumbered and heroes turned this to their advantage. Once he was defeated, they quickly entered the Sleeping Giant hoping to find more Redbrands inside. However, the lumbering giant had merely been a ruse, allowing the rest to hurriedly make their escape. There was one who wasn’t as quick as the others and his tattered red cloak was spotted billowing in the wind as the ruffian headed towards the ruins of Tresander Manor. Giving chase our heroes found a stout door leaving down beneath the ruins. Being more than a little suspicious they checked it for traps and, satisfied there were none, opened it.

Within was a large room with stairs leading down into a section dominated by a pool of water along with barrels and crates–the latter obvious loot from the Redbrands’ unlawful activities. Determining that the door beneath the stairs was the most obvious exit for a fleeing villain, the party decided to investigate the door beside the pool. Unfortunately for them, this turned out to be the exit the villains in question had taken and a fierce battle ensued in close quarters. Victorious they were about to investigate the other door when Penance tripped up on a bag in the water. Retrieving it turned out to be a boon as it contained some clothes and, more importantly, some potions…

Beyond the next door was a long corridor ending in a copper-plated set of double-doors. Gnomish Bob, having seen that Penance had a habit of checking for traps, decided that he should follow suit. Unfortunately, his trapping detecting skills weren’t that great. He did find a trap but not before falling through it! Thankfully, his natural dexterity saved him from a painful landing and the rest of the party skirted around the hole that had now appeared in the floor.

Handing trap detection duties back to Penance, the copper-plated doors were checked and opened when it was determined they were safe. Within was an obvious crypt with three sarcophagi, each with their own skeleton lying beside. Gnomish Bob, again (!), decided that he didn’t like the look of these skeletons and proceeded to hit one. This only inflamed the situation as all three skeletons arose and protected their wards. The battle was over swiftly and Penance checked each sarcophagi proclaiming that there was a single platinum ring to be found. The rest of the party had a quick look around and, of the two doors available to them picked the closest. This, again, appeared to be a trouble magnet as, within was a caged area containing the wife and children of the woodcarver that had been murdered by the Redbrands! Taurion moved in to release the prisoners only to receive a sword in the back for his troubles as a Redbrand, hidden behind the now open door, made his move. This Redbrand took a little longer to dispatch though and the party looked forward to a rest. First though they released the prisoners who quickly fled back to the village.

Locking themselves in the room, our heroes rested and bound their wounds, hoping that there were no more skeletons, or Redbrands, waiting to jump out at them…

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