[Lost Mine of Phandelver] First Session: Cragmaw Hideout

Man Flu didn’t knock me out today, although it came very close at one point this afternoon, but it did knock out one of the players who was also suffering. The rest, however, met up in the building behind our main office and started on the campaign.

Our party consists of:

Taurion: Elf Paladin (noble) – Tom
Vald: Elf Wizard (acolyte) – Anthony
Dain: Elf Sorcerer (noble) – Liam
Alduin: Dragonborn Sorcerer (sage) – Chris
Penance: Tiefing Rogue – Siobhan
D’Mass: Elf Ranger (outlander) – Sam (absent)

I gave a quick overview of the basic mechanic behind D&D and re-capped on the introduction that had been emailed round, while highlighting their route on a map of region (to help them visualise it). Then it was straight into an encounter with some goblins. Throwing them straight into the action worked well and they were soon heading off to Cragmaw Hideout itself (avoiding the traps en-route with a mixture of luck and skill!)

The Hideout itself has proven to be a little harder on them though with Penance, the Tiefling rogue, going down in the fight against the wolves and Vald, the Elven wizard, heading the same way against a roomful of goblins. The players all seemed to enjoy the two hours although one did comment on the lack of roleplaying so far. I can see what he means but, and as I pointed out, there were opportunities to capture and question a goblin or two. It’s good to see the players thinking along those lines though and I can’t wait for the times when they want to interact with the environment without using a weapon ;)

Speaking of combat, as much as I like “theatre of the mind” for combat, I think using my trusty Tact-Tiles and D&D plastic minis helped. We ignored the grid and instead used the minis as a visual representation. Tom in particular was very pleased with the Elven paladin mini and Anthony remarked that the wizard’s apprentice mini was the spitting image of himself!

Soon enough the two hours were up and it was time to head home. Hopefully we’ll be back again next week (or maybe the week after) and keep this as a regular thing.

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