Judge Dredd Character Sheet

I’m going back to an old campaign setting for my next turn in the GM chair. The last time I GM’d in this world though it was with the Games Workshop version of the rules and that was a complete failure! This time it’s with the Mongoose Publishing version (specifically the Traveller variant, as opposed to the d20 variant they published).

Anyway, as I am inclined to whenever I really get into a system, I’ve created a custom character sheet. At the moment it’s exclusively on UK Role Players, but if the issues there aren’t resolved I might bring it over here. Anyway, click on the graphic below to get hold of it – if you’re interested that is ;)

Judge Dredd Character Sheet

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to properly credit the brilliant work of Michael Carroll who created the shield and Judge Dredd font that I used. The good thing about the shield is that, if you follow the link, you can create your own personal one as well. I intend on making custom versions of the sheet for each player should they so wish. At the very least I’m going to print out custom shields and make them wear them while we’re playing ;)

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  1. jeffrywith1e says:

    that is a nice character sheet.

    • Dave McAlister says:

      Thanks. I’m going to be working on the handouts for the scenario later this week and will be sharing those as well :)

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