[Tuesday Map] Hydra Temple

I’ve been watching Captain America recently (both movies) so when it came to putting pen to paper for this map, it was fairly obvious what the inspiration was. Of course, this Hydra Temple isn’t based on the Marvel franchise but could be used in any fantasy setting where, for whatever reason, a hydra (or the race in general) has been venerated by some creatures – be they human, orc, or another species of your choosing.

This part of the temple is below ground and has obviously been carved out to reflect a stylised hydra (above ground there could be a normal looking building in a city street or the entrance could be hidden by undergrowth in the middle of forest or jungle). At the end of each tunnel is a statue. Are they all there? What purpose do they serve if they are? What do they actually look like? Only you know ;)

Of course, if you have ideas I’d be more than interested to hear them in the comments or via Social Media.

Hydra Temple

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