[Bonus Map] Geomorphs

Geomorphs appear to be all the rage at the moment – my Google+ feed is full of them. Not one to miss the opportunity to be late to any party, I’ve decided to start putting my own out there. Coincidently, I’ve finished my original Moleskin journal so this one, aside from drafts of my freelance work last week, will be full of geomorphs hopefully.

And by way of making a start, here’s my first, and also my “catch-up” map. I quite like it actually. Nothing too special about it but that’s my understanding of geomorphs anyway – individual ones might be interesting but it’s a combination of them that make them special. I also like that you can mix and match them with other designers. Anyway, enough waffling, here’s my first Geomorph…


Edit: It appears that Inkwell Ideas are running a competition. You can see the rules here and follow entires on social media through the #GeomorphMapContest hash tag (Twitter, Google+). I’m not sure mine actually fits the brief for this competition but I’ll continue to put them out there and we’ll see.

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