[Friday Map] Small City, Large Town

Something a bit different this week with a kind of stylised city or town map. The “buildings” within aren’t meant to show individual structures, more rough groupings – although you could certainly use them as individuals if you wished. My thought process was for a city that had main thoroughfares from the gates to the “central” trading area (which, itself, was just along from the docks). There are also lots of little side-streets or alleyways where nefarious activities can take place.

I’m quite pleased with it. If I were to take it further I’d break down each of the building “blocks” into actual buildings but that’s a little beyond the paper size I was working on (A5). I have just taken receipt of some A4 graph paper as well as a pad of A4 isometric paper, so perhaps something could be done on that… Until next time ;)

[Friday Map] Small City/Large Town

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