[Friday Map] Roadside Inn

I got a bit carried away with this week’s map and, rather than a single floor building, I ended up with three different floors. I’m really pleased with it though. It originally started as a roadside inn with a common room for sleeping and stables at the back, but then the first floor, with more private rooms, was added. Finally I thought about storage for the food and ale that the inn would receive and, of course, there has to be a secret door somewhere. On this map it leads down to the sewers but if you set this inn in the wilderness it could easily be an underground river or similar. One of the chambers leading off is protected by a grilled and beyond is an altar and stature, but to what deity is it dedicated and why is it hidden?

I’ll admit, I was thinking heavily of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play as I drew this map but it could easily fit in any fantasy setting. As always, enjoy and let me know if you use it anywhere.

[Friday Map] Roadside Inn

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