Escape from the Steel Tomb

I’m starting a new project this week (what do you mean , “what about the rest of them?”!). Actually, it’s related to the Savage Worlds scenario I’m running at Seven Hills next month, Escape from the Steel Tomb. I’m making some “feature” pieces for the scenario. First up is a native altar/place of worship, followed by a couple of ruins and, finally (and hopefully), the outer deck and conning tower of a partially submerged submarine. (There is one other piece but that’s a surprise!)

I intend on trying to make these out of reclaimed polystyrene from the packaging of our new microwave. Previous attempts have always gone badly wrong so I’m not expecting much from these but if it works, great :)

First up are the altar and the ruins. I hacked away suitable pieces of polystyrene and pinned them together with wooden cocktail sticks and applied copious amounts of white craft glue to hold it all together. I realise that isn’t a permanent glue solution but I’m hoping it holds long enough for the polyfilla I’ll apply once it’s all dry to do the rest of the grunt work.

The pictures below show the current “state of play”. The skull was bought at the weekend from a pet store and cost £2 – it’s a fish tank “toy” but the perfect size for my altar. It’s not glued in place yet so the third picture is just to show you scale.

Next up, the submarine (while I wait for the glue to dry ;))

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