Arr! Me campaign starts tonight!

I’m back at the tiller, running some lovely Pirates of the Spanish Main for my group. None of them have played Savage Worlds before so the first part of tonight’s session will be character creation and a brief rules-overview. I’ve got two hardback copies of the rules and I’ve also printed out a couple of copies of the Player’s Guide so we should have enough to go around. I’m also tempted to pack my two copies of the Explorer’s Edition of the rules (my Deluxe Edition would be a step too far I think ;)) to help speed up character creation (that will give us one each then) – although I have all the rules on my new tablet anyway ;)

Most of my evenings these past couple of weeks have been spent creating various bits and pieces for the game and, as I’m such a nice person, I’m going to share them here. If you’d like to share them further please do, but please link to this post rather than the downloads directly. Thanks :)

Oh, and for those who are interested, the campaign website can be found at

Character Sheet
Pirates of the Spanish Main Character Sheet

Reference Sheet
Pirates of the Spanish Main Reference Sheet

GM Screen
Pirates of the Spanish Main GM Screen
The artwork is by Anry Nemo.

The Royal Crown
The Royal Crown
The Royal Crown is the tavern that appears in the introductory scenario at the back of the rulebook. I’ve created it in Dundjinni ready for any combats that occur ;) The link is to the Dunjinni .dja file format. The copyright for the original map belongs with Pinnacle and I make no claims to it.

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