A month in roleplaying…

So January was the month were I started my Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign. None of the group had played Savage Worlds before so I stuck with the scenario from the back of the rulebook because it’s an excellent way to learn the rules (being as it covers most of the situations you’re going to come across – combat, a social scene, a chase, ship-to-ship combat, and a boarding action).

I think it went well. There were a few glitches (which, hopefully, weren’t spotted) but the players jumped on board with the system fully. Tricks and attack options (other than “I hit him“) aplenty. I certainly enjoyed running it and they kept me on my toes by making, in character, decisions that I wasn’t expecting. It does mean that they now have a recurring Enemy (capitalised because they all gained the Hindrance from it) and a potential troublemaker that could come back to haunt them.

They finished with a nice haul of treasure, a stolen ship and the entire Caribbean to explore. The world is their oyster :)

Last night’s session was a playtest. That does mean that I can’t go into any details (NDAs being what they are) but it was fun. No major problems found during the actual session, but lots of good (I hope anyway :)) feedback from reading through the draft documents. More reading to come and then another session or two to test out those aspects. Looking forward to it :D

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