2015 Plans

Seeing has how I’m posting to this blog on a regular basis now, I thought I might see about plotting out some plans for next year – just so I can ignore them ;)

  • Modus Operandi: Plot hook/idea a month, each one to cover a different decade of the 20th Century (with the 1960s and 1980s getting an additional one each).
  • Map a Week: Continue my “Map a Week” posts up, if only so I can perfect certain skills.
  • Hellfrost “One Shots”: Work on the rest of the “One Shots” I have ideas for to complete the set over the year. I think it works out to, roughly, one every other month.
  • Conception: Only a weekend visit again this year and, again, with Connor in tow. I’m hoping to get us both in the same games on Saturday morning and afternoon and play some boardgames on Saturday night over a few alcoholic beverages. I’m also toying with the idea of running the scenario from the Age of Rebellion Beginner Box on the Sunday morning (or maybe the Edge of Empire Beginner Box) for some of the older children (11+).
  • Seven Hills: Write, and run, at least one scenario for Seven Hills. Definitely on the horizon is Kaiser’s Gate as requested as part of the UK Role Players Secret Santa. I’m also tempted to brush off one of my old Pirates of the Spanish Main scenarios or even run a game of Cold City set in our 1960s rather than the world as presented in the rules. In the case of the latter though, I’ll be sure to make it known that it’ll be my first time GMing the system ;)

By my reckoning, aside from the scenario (or two) I’ll have to write for Seven Hills, that’s 6 one-sheets, 12 plot hooks and 52 maps. Shouldn’t be too arduous…

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