No more cinema for me…

So, today I finally got to see The Avengers. It followed, hot on the heels, of Snow White and the Huntsman which I saw, at a completely different cinema, on Monday.

Unfortunately though, both experiences have conspired to put me off ever going to another cinema ever again. It’s not down to costs (cheap rates on Monday, Orange Wednesday today) or the seats (cramped on Monday, reasonable today) but rather the inconsiderate bastards who sat around us on both occasions.

On Monday Jude had to tell the group behind us to be quiet almost as soon as the film started while the rest of the movie had it’s own soundtrack of people unwrapping sweets, slurping drinks and whispering to each other.

Today was worse. The Avengers is a 12A and, at 9, I think Connor was pushing it a bit (he certainly got a little bored during the talkie bits towards the end). However, that didn’t stop the woman behind us who brought her two young children with her – the oldest of which was no more than 8. As was to be expected, they got bored quite early and, again not long into the movie, Jude had to turn round and ask them to behave – this time to stop kicking the back of her chair.

It didn’t help though as both kids were constantly kicking the chair, noisily asking their mum for more food, wriggling around and, generally, being a pain in the arse.

I’m not sure how, but I managed to bite my tongue and limited myself to glaring at her as she left (thankfully as soon as the film ended so we got to watch the after credits “extras” in peace).

So, I’m not going back to the cinema. I’d rather send a cheque to the MPAA to cover entry costs and download the movie from a torrent somewhere than subject myself to anything like that again :(

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