We watched Battleship last night. I wasn’t expecting too much because, well, it’s been crucified in the reviews. A few of my friends have said it wasn’t too bad though so that was enough for me and I’m glad I did watch it.

BattleshipI thought it was an enjoyable romp. The aliens looked good and had decent motives for their actions while the CGI was very similar to the Transformers stuff (which isn’t a bad thing). Yes, the plot was a bit shabby and some of the acting was extremely wooden but Battleship wasn’t intended to be some thought-provoking drama. It was a high-octane, fast moving, sci-fi, action movie. And it delivered.

Some of the highlights for me included spotting the various nods towards the game it was “based” on. I also thought that the inclusion of injured military personnel undertaking physiotherapy (especially Colonel Gregory D. Gadson) was an interesting counter-point – we see lots of damage and, although off-screen, injured sailors some of whom, in the real world, would end up in similar physiotherapy centres. Finally, bringing in real veterans from USS Missouri was a fun touch. Yes, it edged towards jingoism a bit, but not enough that it spoilt the film.

Speaking of jingoism, a lot of these types of films end with the good old US of A saving the world. Battleship earned Brownie points from me because, while they did, they had help from the Japanese (I don’t want to say too much in case I spoil some elements unintentionally). A small thing perhaps but it’s the first film of its type that I can recall doing it.

So, a fun film and well worth watching. Will it win awards (aside from maybe a Razzie or two)? No, but I don’t care :)

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