Busy on holiday!

Eventful first day on holiday. Fuel and tyre-pressure check before we left showed one of the tyres really low (11 PSI rather than 32 PSI!). The tyre looked OK so put it down to a dodgy machine and hit the road. 90 miles later pulled into the Northampton M1/A43 services because the car felt a bit funny and noticed the piece of metal sticking out of the shoulder of the tyre! One quick change later and back on the road with the steel spare – so limited to 50 mph.

An extra 2 hours added to the journey but it wasn’t too bad. Taking the car in to get a replacement tyre tomorrow so that’s £50 spent. Got to the holiday park to find no bedding. Turns out that the “bed making service” costing £15 that we turned down was actually a “bed linen with complimentary bed making service”. £15 spent to get bedding and, because we hadn’t paid in advance, we had to make the beds ourselves!

Still, we’re here (in Poole, not Weymouth – geography was never my strong point) and looking forward to a fun week. Especially seeing my god-daughter (CJ) who I haven’t seen for a few years (and, likewise, Connor’s god-father Chris).

Oh, and it’s beer o’clock ;)

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