It’s that time again…

…when I get my eyes tested and get new glasses. There’s not much wrong with the ones I currently have aside from the fact that I’m bored of them and fancy something new. With that in mind I’ve been internet window shopping ahead of my eye test on Friday and have settled on a Tommy Hilfiger design for my day-to-day glasses and a Osiris design for sunglasses.

I’ve been a fan of half-rimmed glasses for a while (and still have a pair of really old frames in a similar style as emergency back-ups – the prescription is about 6 years old though so they are very much emergency back-ups!) and Jude has had a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses without any problems for a couple of years now so they should work out well for everyday usage. Last time I went with Reactions lenses rather than get a pair of prescription sunglasses. The Reactions lenses have been very good and saved me having to constantly swap glasses when out shopping and the like. However, when driving the windscreen stops the lenses doing their funky stuff so you either end up squinting (as I do) or buying a cheap set of clip-ons (as Jude did) which is a bit annoying. So, this year, I’ve decided to go back to separate sunglasses.

I’ve been wearing Osiris “designer” glasses for the last couple of years and they’ve been good. They have massive arms though which means you tend to get blind-spots when you’re driving which is another reason for wanting to change them. That’s a design issue though, the actual build quality has been very good so I have no problems with picking this “designer” for my sunglasses. Why do I say “designer”? Because Osiris, to my mind, aren’t a designer label as they are Specsavers in-house brand. More akin to the Tesco’s Finest brand than a designer label. That’s not a fault just a personal bugbear with false (or inaccurate) labelling.

As usual Specsavers have got their 2-for-1 offer going so the sunglasses will be free and I’m even getting a free eye test thanks to a voucher on the back of the pay-and-display parking ticket we bought last month sometime. Let’s just hope they can get them all made up before we head across country for a week away :)

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