Dave McAlister The inane ramblings of an, allegedly, sane man

[Friday Map] Burial Barrow 0

[Friday Map] Burial Barrow

This week’s map is a burial mound. At least, that was its original intended use. Alterations appear to have been made to at least one part of the area as the passageway at the...

[Friday Map] Logging Village 0

[Friday Map] Logging Village

A quick and dirty logging village this week. The “thing” in the middle is supposed to represent a statue – perhaps a memorial to a former, and famous, resident? Cartography by Dave McAlister is...

[Map] Treasure Map 0

[Friday Map] Treasure Map

Today’s map see’s me all caught up (until tomorrow!) and it’s something different. This time it’s a treasure map, perhaps found on the body of some bandits or sold to the characters in a...

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